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1. Which are the main influences of the group?
Tim Scott: We are influenced from first of all our expierence as musicians. When I started , I started playing Thrash Metal and then Death Metal. Jimi also has a background in Thrash and Death Metal. Dylan has been in more Hard Rock bands. 
Methane takes those influences and slams the together with blues influenced southern country swager and alot alcohol.

2. As you face the Groove/Southern/Trash Metal scene nowadays? The Underground can be called by you, as we, as a movement of great strength and Ascension in the world of hard rock and true?
Tim Scott: Here in Sweden there is a huge Stoner scene, but Southern Metal is almost non existent. If you have the need to place bands in sub-genres I would say that the Groove/Southern/Trash genres are growing into a demon to soon devour the panet.
The underground music scene all about helping each other, bands and zines alike. We are strong together and thats what keeps it alive.

3. How to you, events like the launch of the Collection "DOZ Vol.1" can be very helpful in spreading the style?
Tim Scott: Like adding gasoline to a fire!
Zines have always been the backbone of the underground scene.   Dedicated people exposing people to new music . Being included in things like the D.O.Z. compilation makes all the blood and sweet at band practice worth while.
Great job!

4. Which the band's plans for the future?
Tim Scott: Methane has enough material now for a full length release. We a currently shopping demos of our unreleased material. Hope to have a new release very soon.
We are preparing the release of our music video for 'Hang Me High' to be released on August 27.
We have a tour in October in Sweden and a week in the US. Planing more European shows for the winter. And starting to make contacts for Brazil in the spring of 2015.

5. Bands independent or not, this can cause a difference? What is your vision of you in this parameter?
Tim Scott: Today it is much easier to make new contacts and get fans to listen to new music with socail media as an independent band. But it still can be a slow up hill climb. With the right record company behind you, that climb can get a headstart and much needed exposure to be able to stay in the game. A good company knows what they are doing and how to do it.

6. Which of you advice to bands who enter contracts Metal devoting himself faithfully to the proposals?
Tim Scott: Wait for the right deal with the right company who believes in the band.
Have the contract checked by someone who knows what they are doing!

7. Which 3 great classics or simply favorite records of all time?
Tim Scott:
Alice and Chains - Dirt
Layne Staley was a sick morbid mother fucker!

Possessed - 7 churches
Not the worlds best produced album but a obvious classic that has tattooed itself on my soul.

Sign of the Southern Cross- Of Mountains and Moonshine. I just can't stop listening to it!

8. How did the band start?
Tim Scott: Dylan and I have jammed together and have talked alot about starting a band together over the years. When I came home from tours to New Jersey we would hangout in our mothers basement and jam.  Then  he moved here to Sweden from the US. So I contacted this sick shredder of a guitar player ( Jimi Masterbo) about starting a band with us. Jimi hadn't played in a band for awhile, he was just as burnt out on Death Metal as I was, and we both just wanted to make playing in a band fun.
We started throwing names of bands around they we liked to listen to names like Pantera and older Machine Head and Soil came up. Heavy bands with groove. That was the direction we all were thinking. We sat down and songs and riffs just started bleeding out of Jimi's guitar.
After some beers and some riffs we had a few song structures. We brought in Strommen on the drums to help us write. He fit right in and the coffin was sealed.

9. Because you see the response from the public in relation to their sound and what they expect?
Tim Scott: I am really excited by the response we have recieved by both the public and radio station and the metal media. We are having a great time meeting new people at the same time reconnecting with old music friends.
What people expect I have no idea about. But when we jump on stage we go out with the intensions that the public will stain their pants.

10. Appreciate the participation and we want to leave a message for everyone.
Tim Scott: Just keep going to concerts and supporting bands anyway you can. We hope to see you soon \mXm/
Keep up the good work!

Formado no Outono de 2012, Methane é um quarteto suéco praticante do Southern Groove/Trash Metal, uma mistura de muito peso!
Methane participa da Coletânea "D.O.Z Vol.1" com a música "Scars & Bars", presente em seu mais recente EP "Southern Metal".
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